What’s the Music-Math Connection?

Infant music classes

The correlation between music and math is well-documented. Got some extra time? You may want to read what scientific journals have written about it. Um, no? Check out our blog for a great video explaining it in just a few minutes, or just trust us – kids who get music instruction perform substantially better in math than those without formal music education. The benefits are clear and constant, from preschool through high school.

But just listening to music doesn’t deliver higher math scores. Music instruction is what matters.

It’s Nature, Nurture, and Neuroscience

Preschool music class

The music-math connection was understood long before it garnered that cute, memorable moniker of the “Mozart Effect.” How long? Well, it’s thought that Plato hid musical messages in his philosophical writings. And of course, math and music are found in all of nature. Parents throughout the animal kingdom teach their children to sing.

As every parent knows, there’s much to be said for nurture. Let’s just get this unsurprising disclaimer out of the way: studies show that kids whose parents are more involved in their education do better academically.

In other words, if you make the effort to cart your kids to music classes, chances are you’ll be on hand to help with long-division and logarithms, too. (Or find a tutor, if logarithms aren’t your thing.) So, assuming you’re going to cart the kids to music classes – or any classes – surely you’ll want to the best curriculum and teacher(s) are for your child.

Find the Right Music Class for your Kid

At KidNimble, we aim to collect the classes, camps, and other activities in one place, along with tools so you can learn from and share with other parents. The ultimate goal? To help you find the best fit for your kid and your family – whether it’s tuba or tambourine, or something else entirely.

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Music Together is an organization that supports music education and parents, internationally, with programs for kids from birth through age 7 available in more than 40 countries. Founded in 1987, Music Together strives to provide high-quality, fun instruction to children (and their parents) because the organization believes that music is valuable, not only for its own sake, but also because music education supports all learning.

Got a preschooler? Find a Music Together class near you, or something else that will make you feel like dancing (or doing long division).

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The Music Foundation created a roundup of studies that scientifically back the theory that there’s a positive music-math connection. The information is freely available to parents everywhere – whether they can carry a tune or not.

What’s that? You do want to read a few more studies? Consider The Mozart Effect: Music Listening is Not Music Instruction (Rauscher et. al), Music training causes long-term enhancement of preschool children’s spatial-temporal reasoning or watch this awesome video explaining what playing an instrument does to your brain.


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