Virtual Camp Fair!


We’re using this hashtag to get the word out about the unique programs that are listed on KidNimble! Here are two ways we’re connecting you with amazing programs:

  • Our #TheresACampForThat photo campaign – what kind of camps would your kids join if they could join any kind of camp? Whatever it is your kids love, there’s a camp for that on KidNimble. Seriously, take a look.
  • Our Twitter chat, hashtag #Camp4That Tuesdays at Noon (EST) in February. It’s a virtual camp fair, where you can get your questions answered!


What’s a Twitter Chat?

Twitter has this great feature that allows users to speak to each other as if they’re in a chatroom or forum. So, if you click a hashtag, you’ll not only see all tweets with that hashtag, you’ll be able to join the conversation by tagging your tweets with it.

Dog Sledding-

How can I join this Twitter Chat?

On Tuesdays from 12pm- 12:30pm EST KidNimble is hosting a Twitter Chat using hashtag #Camp4That. To participate in this virtual camp fair, do one of these:

  • click on the hashtag on someone else’s tweet
  • write a tweet of your own using the hashtag, and click on the hashtag
  • use your twitter search box, and search for the hashtag #Camp4That

When you are in a Twitter Chat, your regular followers will still see your tweets, but you’ll only see tweets tagged #Camp4That.

Budding Rocket Scientist-

So, how can my kids benefit from this chat??

This hashtag is unique to KidNimble, and we’re using it to connect parents to interesting programs. You can meet these programs, many of whom have locations all across the country, and ask them questions every Tuesday from noon to 12:30pm EST.

On KidNimble, use the search feature to find camps by interest. Do your kids like science? art? cooking? environmental issues? finance? DJingdog sledding? We have those. And more!


Join us!

Twitter Chat – #Camp4That TUESDAYS AT NOON EST (9AM Pacific) – We’ll host programs and parents from 12-12:30pm (it goes quickly, so get ready to type!).  You’ll meet new programs, and ask them questions about their classes, or camps in general. It’s like a virtual open house.

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And of course, please join us for our Twitter Chats!!
Tuesdays at Noon EST in February. #Camp4That

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