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Victory Soccer in Fairfax, VASoccer has swiftly become one of the top-rated team sports for kids, and soccer programs abound as a result. But how can you tell which soccer program will be the best fit for your child?

The Victory Soccer Academy‘s camp programs at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, provide young soccer lovers with plenty of age- and experience-appropriate opportunities to play and learn.

George Mason University Head Men’s Soccer Coach Greg Andrulis describes the programs’ differentiators:

“Our programs’ unique attention to guidance through educational – and entertaining – teaching helps us prepare our campers for the next level; we combine technical skills with tactical understanding. Our daily competitions, our outstanding staff, and our incredible Awards Ceremony are just some of the unique qualities that make Victory Soccer Academy at George Mason special.”

The summer camp programs include:

Future Stars Academy (ages 5-9) – provides fun, exciting and engaging small group activities with the introduction of fun technical exercises and games that are engaging and pertinent for this age group and ability level.

The Junior Academy (ages 6-13) – exposes young players to creative soccer exercises and games that enhance their technical ability. Small side games expose this age group to relevant tactical situations to prepare them for real game situations.

The Senior Academy (ages 10-18) – designed for the advanced soccer player. This full day camp uses modern methodologies in physical preparation, technique training, tactical understanding, and sports psychology to explore facets of the game.

The College ID Residential Academy (ages 14-18) is a sleepaway program for experienced players with a high level of skill. This weekend program provides an intensive educational experience that includes evening games and an in-depth College Recruiting Seminar.

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