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Nimble Parenting Podcast

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We’re excited to share our newest addition:
The Nimble Parenting Podcast!

What’s a Nimble Parent?

A Nimble Parent is light on their feet, pivoting to be their best self amid the demands of their family, career, and friends.

No Parent Can Be Nimble on Their Own

Every two weeks (or so) we’ll publish an interview with a program that’s trying to help you meet the challenges of today’s parents.

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Who is KidNimble?

KidNimble is a free parent resource that helps you find classes, camps, and activities for your kids. We list over 50k programs, worldwide! Click here to try us out today. KidNimble: Your kid’s next great adventure.

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Brooklyn native moving to Granville, Ohio. John and his wife, Maia, have a 3 year old son. Maia teaches New Testament and Early Christianity. John is most often found in the role of the Man in the Yellow Hat, one of Batman's sidekicks, or a Neverland Pirate.

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