Mesa Art Studio Murray UT

Mesa Art Studio: The Art of Summering

Mesa Art Studio Murray UT

Summer is the perfect time for kids to brush up on artistic skills and, for kids in the Salt Lake City area, Murray’s Mesa Art Studio provides excellent opportunities to spark creativity, explore mixed media (oil pastels, colored pencils, watercolor, collage, and more), and – without even noticing – make connections in their brains that will help them with math and language.

Kris Norman, Mesa Art Studio’s Director, notes that “Teaching children to observe their environment helps them develop keen observation skills. These skills not only aid their creativity and art development, but also enhances their ability to recognize letter formations and patterns that help them to become better readers and gain higher math skills. Combining art with math and reading helps students connect to the world around them and aids in retaining information for longer periods of time. Through this creative process students develop eye-hand coordination, self-confidence, and focus. All great benefits for preparing to go back to school and life in general!”

Mesa Art Studio’s summer programs start with a directed drawing lesson – what goes into creating a picture and how to put a picture together – and then lets students build on that lesson with their own creativity and expression. Kids ages 5-8 attend in the morning from 10am-11:30am; ages 9-12 attend in the afternoon from 1pm-3:30pm, Tue-Thu. Each three day module includes 4-6 projects in various mediums, and a daily snack is provided, too.

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2015 summer module themes include:

  • Beach Party – June 9-11
  • Looney Tunes – June 16-18
  • Creative Cultures – June 23-25
  • Colorful Gardens – June 30 – July 2
  • Jungle Mania – July 7-9
  • Paint Like Van Gogh – July 14-16
  • Mythical Creatures – July 28-30
  • Back to School – August 4-6
  • Animals from A-Z – August 11-13

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