Jameson Ranch Camp

Meanwhile, Back at Jameson Ranch…

Jameson Ranch Camp

Looking for an extraordinary summer experience that weaves leadership skills, sustainability practices, teamwork, and FUN into a memory tapestry that will last a lifetime?

We’ve found it for you.

Jameson Ranch Camp, located on 500 acres bordering the majestic Sequoia National Forest in California, is a child-focused, self-sustainable summer camp situated in the majestic southern Sierras. Its two-week program (some campers opt for all eight weeks) provides children with the opportunity to make lifelong friends, experience rustic ranch living, and connect to a community of positive people.

Campers contribute to ranch work by doing a chore every day. There is always an animal that needs feeding, a table to be cleaned, wood to be gathered for the outdoor oven (where bread is baked fresh daily!) or a small job that is essential to the community. Older campers can actually help build facilities, learn life skills like welding and carpentry, and know the pride of being a permanent part of the ranch.

The Ranch was green before green was “a thing.” The facilities at JRC are rustic; campers sleep outside under sleeping porches, open on three sides, able to see the stars each night. The kitchen staff prepares a wide range of nutritious and delicious foods, using as much organic food as possible, and the rest locally grown.

Registering for the program couldn’t be easier. All it takes is an email to get started.

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Oh, and there’s a family camp option at the end of the summer, so you don’t have to be a kid to experience this great adventure.

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