Go Fourth! Great July 4th Kids’ Crafts

We’re gearing up to celebrate America’s 238th birthday on July 4th, so we’ve been combing the web for great July 4th kids’ crafts. Since we’re not a particularly crafty family, simple but stunning is our goal here. Immediate gratification is a plus, too.

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flag fan

Cool American Flag Fan. First, since it’s been ridiculously hot here in the northeast, I thought a simple fan project could be both fun and useful.  Artists Helping Children was a perfect place to start. They offer a printable template for a cool circular flag fan the kids can make quickly and easily! Craft plus: all the tools to create it are things we already have lying around the house (somewhere) – straws, scissors, glue, a pencil and a stapler. And – of course – the inkjet printer and paper. I used a paper that’s a little heavier weight than the stuff we usually use, to make the fan more sturdy and functional.

These can also be placed in a flower pot or vase as table decorations.


glow jarsGlowing Jars. Next up, in the interest of avoiding injury and emergency room visits on a holiday (we have a history of sparkler incidents), the concept of creating glow jars sounded very appealing. Let someone else go through the trial and error, I always say!  The best instructions I found came from the Gold Jellybean, where they indicate that a piece of tulle makes all the difference. That, and a pair of latex gloves! While the contents of glo-sticks are supposed to be non-toxic, there has been a lot of chatter online about the smell and the fact that they contain glass, which makes it hard to squeeze out the chemicals. This one takes a little patience, but the end results are very cool. Add “diamond dust” (not glitter), which can be purchased at a local craft store, for an additional wow factor!


iced-fruit-punch-lgSummer Food Craft. On the recipe front, I stand by my simple-is-best philosophy and do my best to stay away from the heat of the kitchen in the middle of summer. Berries are in season, and kids can spend a productive half hour or so decorating a cake with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and white frosting. My job is to cut the red berries into strips and the blueberries in half for easier placement. I also love the idea of using star-shaped ice cubes and fruit juices to create tasty summer drinks. An alternative I’m toying with is using a star-shaped cookie cutter on seed-free watermelon for drink garnishes. You can find more drink recipes at delish.com.


And, if you’re having a kid-friendly gathering, we also found a couple of Fourth-themed goodies to enhance the party atmosphere:

4th of July Patriotic Tattoos

Set of 30 LED Red, White & Blue 4th of July Star Lights

Let us know what projects you come up with (on Facebook and Twitter) and most importantly, have a great holiday!

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Free Parent Resource! Try it today.

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