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You found some great activities for your kids on KidNimble. Now, how are you going to get them there? The activity starts at 4:00 and you work until 5:30, or it’s at the same time you need to be across town picking up your other child.  

HopSkipDrive is here to help! It’s a ride-sharing service for kids that was created by three busy moms specifically to get kids to and from school and all their activities. HopSkipDrive arranges rides for kids ages 7+ with drivers who have significant childcare experience and who have been vetted through a rigorous 15-point driver certification program. 

How does it work?

Scheduling a ride is simple and can be done in a few easy steps. Everything is done online or on the HopSkipDrive app, although parents also have access to live customer support to help. Simply set up an account at and schedule a ride anywhere from 24 hours to 2 weeks in advance.  You provide any special instructions (e.g. sign in/out procedures at school) and assign your child a unique password they can easily remember and that their driver will confirm at pick-up for an added security layer. Once a ride is scheduled, you’ll receive information about your driver, including a picture so you can share it with your child and provide the information for any sign-out authorizations, if needed. The day of the ride, the driver picks up your child at the arranged location and confirms the password.  You’ll receive a notification when the ride begins, can track the ride live in their app, and you’ll receive another notification when your child is safely dropped off. Rides are scheduled and purchased in advance so your child does not have to handle any money or credit cards. 


Who are HopSkipDrivers?

HopSkipDrivers are parents, nannies, teachers and other caregivers who have passed background checks, driving record reviews, in-person interviews, ride-alongs, reference checks, car inspections and more.  Our drivers include people like Nina, who has a degree in Social Services and has been a full-time nanny as well as a counselor to people with developmental disabilities before becoming an at-home mom to her 2 year-old son, and Hadiyyah, who used to work in an after-care program and help out at her mom’s in-home daycare, and is now pursuing an acting career, which includes being a Disney Princess for kids’ birthday parties.


Moms are naturally safety obsessed, and the HopSkipDrive founders take it to the extreme. After all, their kids use HopSkipDrive, too. Safety has been built into every aspect of the company, from the special insurance coverage it has for driving kids that exceeds regulatory standards, to offering live customer support before, during and after every ride. The company vets all its drivers through a rigorous 15-point certification process that includes background checks, DMV checks, in-person interviews, ride-alongs, in-person driver training, 19-point car inspections, and more. In addition to being safe drivers, we want to make sure HopSkipDrivers are good with kids, so we require at least 5 years of previous childcare experience. HopSkipDrive has also integrated with Zendrive, a solution that monitors driver performance during a ride so HopSkipDrive can ensure its drivers are driving safely and are not talking or texting during rides.  

 HSD Driver Nina

Parents love it

It takes a village to raise kids, and HopSkipDrive is helping parents expand their village and better support their children.  Parents have even credited it with changing their lives. One parent shared “I had one of the top-10 most hectic parenting days of my life and HopSkipDrive saved the day.”  Another parent says “My son has half-days on Fridays one day a month.  My husband and I work full-time.  HopSkipDrive is a godsend!” For HopSkipDrive, helping families run a little more smoothly is what it’s all about.

Find HopSkipDrive here!

Find activities for your kids here! 

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